We sell spare parts for MWM engines, select it in accordance with engine serial number and model. The main focus of MWM activity (Motoren Werke Mannheim) is a production of engines for generators.

Engines could be also found on old Class harvesters, as well as on Fendt, Lanz, Renault, Bautz, Holder machines, Ritsher tractors. Presently, the company is known under name Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH.


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The core MWM business is manufacture and service maintenance of engines, which are primarily used for power generation. The company is noted for large number of gas-fueled engines. Such engines use not only natural gas but biogas and sewage gas as well. They are installed on considerably large stationary generators with output current capacity from 400 up to 4300 kW.

Brief history of MWM concern

Carl Benz is a founder of MWM company. He established “Mechanishe Werkstatte” in Germany, Mannheim in 1871. He devoted himself to the manufacture of gas engines. More than 140 years of enthusiasm and innovative drive has put the company on the pedestal among the leading and most renowned brands in the field of gas engines and gensets. In 1880 MWM launched the first stationary engine – this event led the foundation for engine production. Only 20 years later in 1910, the company started to produce diesel engines. In 1922 a department for stationary engines was purchased out and renamed into “Motorenwerke Mannheim”. In 1924 MWM developed its first tractor named as Motorpferd (in translation: motorized horse), however, the production of tractors was discontinued in 1931. MWM engines have been used in other industrial machinery for quite a long period of time. In 1926 Knorr-Bremse AG successfully bought the control block of shares and, eventually, the whole company has passed to their ownership. In 1985 the company was sold to Deutz AG. Number of times Deutz has been changing the company’s structure in order to expand production and increase a number of gas engine models. In 2007 the private equity house 3i took over the company, namely DEUTZ Power Systems, for 360 million EURO. In Deutz Power Systems was renamed in MWM GmbH. Private house 3i sold MWM for 560 million EURO to Caterpillar Inc. in 2010. And finally, in 2013 MWM Gmbh was renamed into Caterpillar Energy Solutions Gmbh.